Fet et moi – Paris is for lovers

I’m a sucker for grumpy-sounding house (hello “can you feel it“, “cable dazed“, “serenity“), and ever since hearing this on Danny Wolfers’ excellent Astro Unicorn Radio show on IFM I’ve been playing this to death – that steady 303 line sounds fantastic against the moody chords and plaintive vocals. DFA mix of the original “My Love” is worth searching out too.

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  1. 25th April 2010Dona van Bloemen says:

    Hello: I’m doing an internet search for an old friend, Steven Woodward. Did you by any chance graduate from the BAMLIS programme at South Bank Polytechnic in London in 1985 and then went for work/study in Colombia? If so, do get in touch – we can exchange our global adventures. And if not – congrats on an interesting music blog.Dona

  2. 25th April 2010Anonymous says:

    Sorry Dona, not me. There are lots of us around, hope you find the one you’re after.

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