On the planned privatisation of public services in the UK

Marvellous – look how well the energy companies serve the public with efficient support services and low costs; look how well rail privatisation has served the public with cheap fares, safe infrastructure, and clear accountability; look how well private health insurance covers non-profitable services like A&E and emergency cardiac care; look how well rural communities are served by private bus companies who want to slash services even further. These reforms will allow financially aggressive large companies to cherry-pick the profitable sectors; they will reduce accountability; and they won’t function in true markets (when were we ever able to choose a state school for our children, or have free healthcare choice – the infrastructure to make this possible doesn’t exist, and won’t under these reforms). This is driven by ideology and the commercial interests of the Tories backers, and we will pay for their profits.

A comment by London Spy on – no really – a Daily Mail article (“Cameron plans to end ‘state’s monopoly’ and let people bid for public services”).

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