Arduino control voltage quantizer

Heard about the Toppobrillo Quantimator over the weekend from a fellow modular nut, and wondered if I could write a quantiser from bits of the code and hardware from my still unfinished CSQ-100-ish sequencer project. So ta-da, here’s a demo.

It’s a bit annoying, but you get the idea – the Arduino is taking a random input (from an MFB Dual LFO) and forcing it to the selected key and scale on a trigger from a TR-606.  Hopefully you can tell that it’s displaying the key, scale, incoming CV value and output note value. When I flip the switch down, it stops accepting CV input and starts looping back over the last eight notes quantised.

It should be easy enough to expand the modes available. There’s a good list in this electro-music thread on building a PIC-based quantiser.

I used the second output of the MCP4922 DAC to provide a harmony part (the “h” value on the display), although it’s not attached to a oscillator in this demo. It’s tempting to add another DAC and have four outputs for chords, in the style of the Quantimator. IS FUN.


  1. 18th September 2015Daniel says:

    Do you still happen to have the code for this?

    I’ve been toying around with something similar but my coding chops (or lack of) are really holding me back and it’d probably be helpful to take a look at someone else’s approach.

    If it wouldn’t be too much of a bother and you wouldn’t mind sharing it, please send me an email at the one listed here.


  2. 8th October 2015ua726 says:

    I do have the code for this somewhere but it’s in such an absolute mess that I don’t think it’ll be any use.

    By comparison the code for this quantiser is incredibly simple in comparison, it might be worth having a look at that one (if you haven’t already).

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