Roland MC-4 loading loading loading

Ages ago I made a short demo of my Roland MC-4 loading some data and playing a short 4-voice loop, I forgot to post it here.

The synths were an SH-5, an SH-101 for the bassline, a System 100 101 keyboard, and the wonky DIY System 100 voice. I should’ve recorded the audio better-er, ah well. Love the “what’s the horrible noise at the start?” question in the comments.

The MC-4 is legendarily difficult/fun/difficult, but there’s someone who is working on a improved DIY version – search for “homemade mc-4” on Youtube.

I always wanted to have go at making an MC-4-ish sequencer, my bastard MC-202 ripoff is still a pile of wires and stripboards from last year.

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