System 100 patch sheet

System 100 patch sheet detail

So, er, to cut a not-particularly long story short, I bought a System 100 102 expander a while back. It came with a 104 sequencer for an only-slightly-outrageous price, so I decided to have it. After all that faffing with trying to clone one, as well.

I’ve had fun playing with it in the little time I’ve had, there’s been lots going on this year.

It seems like there aren’t any going spare on the internet so I’ve drawn up a patch sheet for the 101 and 102, here it is:


While we’re at it I’ve been peering at the “Being Boiled” patch sheets that Martyn Ware flashed up in various YouTube videos, here’s my attempt:

Being Boiled, ish

…and this is what it sounds like, with extra dicking around. Don’t get your hopes up.

…yeah, I know it doesn’t really sound much like the original record, but that’s what was written down, as far as I can tell.

I can’t think that over thirty years of aging components would have that much of a difference, so I suspect there was something else going on in the mix, maybe Ian Craig Marsh’s second 102 was involved.

Who cares anyway, it taught me that the CV timing input on the 104 sequencer is a fun thing to be used.

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  1. 2nd February 2022muki says:

    thank you!
    been looking for a system100 patchsheet for ages
    and haven’t found time to make one myself yet
    thank you! 🙂

  2. 2nd February 2022ua726 says:

    appreciate the comment, glad you’ve found it useful!

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