121 testing testing

still not convinced tbh


  1. 29th November 2017Alan Watkins says:

    hi really nice adapter idea for the 6110 to 662. I take it there was no need to provide a current mirror for this VCA application. I hope to use a 6110 for the VCA on a Roland JX-3P

  2. 29th November 2017ua726 says:

    I’ve had the 6110 working using the stripboard adaptor in my ongoing System 100M clone VCA, and it seems to work ok, albeit a touch quieter than the various clone 662s I’ve got.

    Personally If I had a dead 662 in a JX3P I’d use one of the Open Music Labs BA662 clones.

    (Just to be clear the 121 above is the VCF, and those are some homemade versions of the 662).

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