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System 700 LFO clone and a messy desk

Still going, just about. Not sure what I’m doing with that speed switch yet, whether to go faster or slower, hmm.

While I scratch my chin about how to reinforce these daft plastic panels, I’ve been enjoying reading through Fumitaka Ansai’s page on the System 700 –

Assuming that Google Translate is accurate (my obsession with the System 700 isn’t quite going to stretch to learning Japanese) it’s interesting to find out that the original prototype had internal speakers, like the ARP2600! Also, it seems that users had been asking for a voltage-controlled envelope generator so they’d planned to release one but never got round to it, even in the later 100M.

I wonder if it was designed and never released? The owners manual for the 700 lists the modules, with gaps at 719, 722, and then 724 – 728, almost as if they intended to fill those gaps at some stage. Actually, maybe the prototype speakers were numbered 719.

Anyway, there are some fun demos on the site too – if you have a look at the patch samples and then scroll down to Sample Chart 5, you can hear a nice example of using a voice to control a squealing oscillator with the 714 Interface. I’m half-tempted to build that one but it’s a big board, and I’m not sure if I’d just spend ten minutes laughing into it and then never touching it after.

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  1. 18th February 2019Spygyzy says:

    Nice find – been obsessively googling info on the System 700 for ages and never come across this one – audio clips too 🙂

  2. 11th March 2019c-c-c-c says:

    How far along is your system 700 project now?

    I couldn’t find anything regarding the sequencer so I started to lay it out in kicad now.

    I’ll upload everything somewhere when I finish it.

  3. 11th March 2019ua726 says:

    I’m working on the System 700 in fits and starts, it’ll probably be a while yet still. I’m building a few other things at the same time – that DIY Eurorack Minimoog clone has been surprisingly draining on my bank account.
    I’ve looked at the sequencer, and I think I could make one, but I hesitated because I’d want to clock it (somehow) off my MC-4, and once you clock it externally you’ll lose the step timing variation, which to me is the special thing about it.
    Rather than copying the original, I think you’d be better off trying to emulate it with a microprocessor. Ryk’s 185 sequencer is sort-of reminiscent of the 700 sequencer in a smaller but souped-up way, so in the meantime I was waiting for him to do his next revised run.

  4. 12th March 2019ryk says:


    New M185 coming this summer in 100m format and probably kit also.
    Includes some fun new features . . .


  5. 8th May 2019Fumitaka Anzai says:

    Thank you for introducing my site!
    You can also watch videos on YouTube! (System-700, Fairlight, Mellotron etc)

    Fumitaka Anzai

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