what am I gonna do? gonna do? gonna do? gonna do?

Am recently obsessed by this, not quite as dreamily narcotic as Theo Parrish’s take on Jill Scott’s “Slowly, Surely” but near enough. Would like more of this. Maybe a bit more pitched down and grinding. Everything on 33rpm, new beat house.

Also would never have guessed the vocals are from a Chic record.

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ignore the sirens, let’s have fun

Let’s celebrate, and vaporise.

(Think this is the video for ‘let me go’ edited up with some nuclear explosions… and I love it).

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Top tracks of 2011


In January I made the fatal error of playing Ennio Morricone’s “Guerra e pace, pollo e brace” to our two year old, and he’s demanded “ennio pony” near continuously ever since. I used to like it. I’m not so sure now. 

Hello favourite artists:


Took me a while to get into the skronking “intrusive incidentals vol 1” but I love it now. Wasn’t so fussed by “fountain square”, and “memowrekz” has its moments. Also Legowelt’s “the teac tapes”, so good, I’ve become a fanboy.

My favourite thing of the year is Group Rhoda “Concrete Jungle”. Maybe it’s her one song, it’s spare, cold and lovely. 

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