Morricone madness: "Guerra e pace pollo e brace" and Broadcast’s OST show


The “la-la-la-la” heavy drums banger from Broadcast’s 2008 Resonance FM OST show – thanks to a track listing on the Broadcast forum, I finally found out what it was:

Here’s the rest of the OST show for download at, recorded and upped by Vega on the Stereolab forum.

While we’re still down in the dumps, here’s another lovely tribute to Trish from Pete Stanley of Saint Etienne.


  1. 17th January 2011plasticanimal says:

    Those beats were so sick. With the vocal it’s just really weird in a good way. I didn’t know about Trish’s death. Too many good artist die too young.

  2. 17th January 2011ua726 says:

    To my joy my nearly-two-year old son seems to like it too, he was doing a sort-of dance to it the other day.

  3. 18th January 2011plasticanimal says:

    Ha,ha Good taste is a good start IMO 🙂

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