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at half-past three we go home to tea / or maybe at quarter-to-four

Hollyfast annexe

A few weeks back I was going back to my parents’ house to drop my son off for a day of cake and possibly more cake, and wandered past this scene.

Pour a glass of orange squash out for the building known (as far as I can remember) as the Annexe, where I started at Hollyfast Primary School in 1981 and just about to be finished being demolished in the picture above.

Memories of one child angrily throwing chairs around, kids abusing the phonics tape machines to amusing effect, the then-ancient Kevin Keegan poster in the (mostly unused) boys outdoor changing room, and Mrs Rothwell playing piano as we murdered another song in the whatever the breakout area bit was called.

Long sigh, you can never go back (especially if they knock it down).

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