MIDI in/out helper stripboard

Action shot of my MIDI in/out helper stripboard, attached to an Arduino

I wrote a thing for an Arduino to convert velocity to control changes, mostly with the aim of allowing my Analog Four (which only transmits velocity, no CCs) to control the filter on an SH-01a, but it didn’t quite work as well as I’d hoped.

I’ll write that up at some stage just in case someone might find some part of it useful, but in the meantime here’s the MIDI in/out stripboard layout.

It’s the sort of thing I’ve got fed up with building up on breadboards over the years, so I thought I might as well just make a little building block layout for it.

It should be OK at 3.3V or 5V, it just needs a couple of resistor value changes.

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  1. 31st May 2023Tim says:


    If you still have a 102 expander, could you throw me an email? I really really need some internal photographs.


  2. 31st May 2023ua726 says:

    Have sent you an email

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