clone experimenting

a circuit board inside a synthesiser

Just to see if I could really, and maybe also to see if a clone could sound the same as the original.

As it turned out it was too much of a pain in the arse to try and calibrate them in the same way, and I ended up being happy enough with it.

I tried to make it as similar to the original as I could, including the lovely looking but otherwise pointless bendy tracks and opamps on the wonk, although I’ve gone for multiturn presets and DIP outlines rather than the original cans, because there is a limit, shockingly.

The stripboarded TA7136P replacements are especially classy, I must get round to doing a board for those.

I’m going to try and add this as a module in my forever continuing rotary 100M project, although the chunky connectors are going to make it hard.

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